Practical and effective high-speed piston contra
〔woodpecker’s motion〕 never seen before!

The new type root canal treatment contra, enabling high-speed pecking on tooth pulp (nerve) like woodpecker’s beak, smoothly reaching to root apex like ant-eater’s tongue.

The pecking pressure on teeth is designed at approx. 200 grams, less than 0.4% of normal biting pressure being 50 Kg.

So, safety and security are always retained.

High-speed piston contra is working with non-rotating, up-and-down tapping motion with vertical vibration. There will be no twist of files, free from teeth texture cracks, no rotational eccentricity expansion.
Simultaneous sides expansion will be possible.

Patients’ great trust, feeling of safety and security will be obtained.
This product, high-speed piston contra, was developed under the close collaboration with Tsurumi Univ. Dental Faculty ( .

Extremely high-quality handpiece, purely handmade in Japan!

Cut Pieces (Debris) Comparison

Using H file with High-speed Piston-motion Endo Contra

Electron Micrographs presented by Dr. Hosoya, Dental Faculty Tsurumi University.
These images show using H file with High-speed Piston-motion Endo Contra is able to create clean and neat debris like dried-bonito shavings.
This proves H file does not form sulcus, beside filing cleanly and neatly.
Undulated debris will be created, if sulcus are created.

Using K file with fingers

While, these debris look like crushed cookies.
These are cut pieces called “teat off type” or “cracked type” in metal processing industry.
Forming sulcus will be quite quite natural, when teat off or cracked are happening.
These are views of Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry

From “merely round expansion”  to  “whole peripheral expansion”

Conventional rotating contra is for reaming root canal purely just in circular,
while high-speed piston contra makes all around filing leaving no part untreated possible!

Scaly root

Elliptical root

S-shaped root

  • Endo meter + tapping expansion making safe and secured treatment possible
  • Free from perforation
  • Taking approx. 1/50 time than manual work to complete an 3D expansion. (1/200mm x 5,000 times in a minute)
  • No twist of file due to non-rotating contra

What is “tapping expansion”?
Method of root canal expansion by reaming up to apex with high-speed piston contra. The new tapping type causes no twist of file, unlike conventional rotating method.

More than 1mm width between up and down movement, matching to pitches installed on a file, is absolutely required. The width of the new type of contra is carefully adjusted at 1.35mm, by taking possible width absorbed by doctor’s fingers into calculation.

Excellent features of the high-speed piston contra

  1. Very light pressure (approx.. 100 gram)
  2. Wider range of up and down motion (more than 1 mm)
  3. Very high operating speed (5,000 vibrations/minute)

Debris will be quite fine, in case of high-speed piston contra filing.

Speed of filing is proportional to the width and frequency of the vibration.


This new type contra performs with:

  • Up and down range (width) : 1.35mm
  • Number of vibrations: 5,000 ~ 10,000 times per minute

High-speed piston motion at low pressure touch (100gram) produces powdery debris and generates almost no heat.

Not only effective removal of GP (Gutta Percha), but also high-speed sweep and removal of GP remaining on expanded sides by H file wrapped with absorbent cotton plus solvent can be easily done.

No need to apply any special file, but common file at hand can be used. H file is highly recommended due to its excellent scraping efficiency.

Excellent features of the high-speed piston contra,
nicknamed Kitsutsuki (Woodpecker) motion

Up and down motion, instead of rotating motion
With width of 1.35mm
High-speed piston motion

Meticulously calculated contra head weight creates

amazing penetration

power by suppressing unfavorable reactions caused by head’s up and down movement.

Chair-time can be
shortened tremendously.
Far much less Patients’ burden and pain is attained

See video

High-speed reaming and expansion in 40 seconds!!
Precious Multi-coating metal plating for F1 automobile engines is applied to piston related parts of this high-speed piston motion contra.


3D expansion and filing in 33 minutes. No. 3 upper left. Using H 25 file. Simultaneous filing of side wall by Tornado expansion method. Moving parts of the new type contra are finished with the Multi-coating Metal Plating, just same as Honda’s F1 engines and MSX.

To Dentist assistant
Much easier Chair-time will be realized
By introducing High-speed piston contra

From rotating contra to non-rotating piston motion contra. Realized a drastic change of reaming contra

Conventional root canal treatments by the rotating reaming contra usually involved dangers and risks of file-breaking, needed long time and multiple treatments.
Files are designed to expand the effected part of teeth with up-down movement, while reamers are with rotating motions.
Now, new type of “Filing Contra” emerged.

Amazing facts!

  • Epoch-making dental tool obtained PMDA’s approval within a month from application filing!
  • High-speed and safe. Max. 5,000 vibrations per minute!
  • Carefully designed to attain high durability, operability and quietness for routine use at clinical sites!
  • Drastically shortened root canal treatment time to ease doctors’ and assistants’ physical burdens and pains at their back, neck, shoulder and waist!
  • Not only vertical and side expansion, but also filing of side walls can simultaneously be completed in only 5 minutes!
  • Far less patients’ waiting time and improvement of efficiency can be realized by quicker clinical treatments.