Developed to realize dental treatment without pain.
Epoch-making dental treatment device.
High-speed Piston-motion Contra a.k.a. Kitsutsuki Motion Contra.

Enabling secured and safe rootcanal treatment in an amazing speed compared to that of the traditional practice.
You may use the ordinary and familiar H type file.

Epoch-making shift from rotation type reaming contra to unrotation vertical motion filing contra

The traditional rootcanal treatment with rotation type reaming contra tends to face the dangers of file tucking in or breaking, and requires long-time and multiple numbers of operations.
Basically, files are for vertical expansion and reamers are expansion with rotations.
Then, “Filing Contra” was newly invented.

Magnificent facts about High-speed Piston-Motion Contra. These are followings!!

  • Took less than a month to obtain official approval to use!
  • Max. 5,000rpm for safe and effective operation!
  • Amazing durability, performance and silence!
  • Fur much less treatment time needed and less physical burden to doctor’s body parts including back, neck, shoulder and waste!
  • In just 5 minutes, vertical expansion, side expansion and wall polishing can be completed!
  • Fur less chair time for patients materializes the improvement of management efficiency!